Sargasso & Grey-Designer Wide Fit Shoes for Women Comfortable, Elegant&Stylish

We are Sargasso & Grey. A British shoe company whose passion is to create beautiful shoes for women who have high expectations when it comes to finding the perfect shoe. 

Designed by women for women, every detail of the shoes, from the shape of the toe box to the height of the heel, is thought out, tried and tested by women who will actually wear the shoes. Our ongoing engagement with our customers means we are constantly adapting our designs to ensure the optimum fit in the most elegant styles. We call it Comfort Redesigned. 

We believe every woman shoe be able to put on an elegant pair of shoes and experience that Cinderella moment where the shoe is a perfect fit! So, we make exquisite shoes using bespoke lasts, which have a wider toe box. This means feet have a little extra breathing space and toes have a little extra wriggle room. We use memory foam padded insoles for unparalleled softness underfoot, and we include breathable arch supports in all of our closed sided shoe styles to help those tired feet feel fit and fresh from the start of the day till the end.


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